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Do you see room for improvement in various areas of your company? Are you looking for a coherent plan to help you realize this potential? Do you have ideas, but no team with the skills required to implement them? Have you established that you need to act, but you do not have enough resources to act quickly?

Then you should contact us.

The 3 phases of a consulting project

Our first step will be to hold a comprehensive, non-binding discussion, during which we will analyze your current situation together. The aim of this discussion is to establish the ideas and the potential. At the end of this initial phase, you can decide if you want us to give you a binding quote for the analysis and implementation phases that come after.

In the analysis phase, we will investigate all of the relevant issues and then we will give you our suggestions for how to implement changes, and on where there is potential to improve results. We will also provide a plan of action with deadlines agreed upon with you and a decision paper regarding further steps to be taken.

In the implementation phase, the measures will be implemented by project teams that are divided up in order to focus on each of the specific areas, meaning that the responsible employees from your company will be involved in all change processes. The Management will be kept informed about the results achieved at all times, and they will be actively involved in setting the course going forward.